S4-292 - Nestabilties Beaded Circles

Designed to coordinate with Standard Circles, these Decorative Elements Nestabilities© feature a scalloped edge filled with an embossed circle, or bead. The edge detail has evenly spaced embossed beads all the way around each die template in the four piece set. Beaded Circles nest for making elegant frames. Cut/emboss and stencil onto the round center, or layer with Standard Circles for more versatility and elegance.

Spellbinders© Nestabilities Decorative Elements cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

This Package Contains Four (4) Dies Approximately Sized:
 - 1: 1″
 - 2: 1¾″
 - 3: 2?″
 - 4: 4¼″


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