S6-030 Shapeabilities ~ Garden Party Basket

This wonderful die set creates a beautiful little basket.   Perfect for a spring treat, wedding or shower favour!  

To assemble box, cut four of the Box Side Die and one each of the Box Bottom Die and Handle Die. To start adhere two Box Side die cuts and Box Bottom die cut, make sure the tabs are adhered on the inside for a finished look. Then adhere the two last Box Side die cut and handle. Assembled box measures approximately 4⅝ x 6¾”.

Spellbinders® Shapeabilities® cut, emboss and stencil with a single die template.

Approximate Size:
Three-Petal Flower 1: ¾ x ½”
Three-Petal Flower 2: 1 x ⅝”
Three-Petal Flower Solid 1: ¾ x ½”
Three-Petal Flower Solid 2: 1 x ⅝”
Eight-Petal Flower 1: ¾”
Eight-Petal Flower 2: 1”
Eight-Petal Flower Solid 1: ¾”
Eight-Petal Flower Solid 2: 1”
Box Bottom: 2⅝ x 2⅝”
Box Side: 3 x 4â…œ”
Handle: 7¼ x 1â…œ”


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